Mido Watches: A Legacy of Timeless Design and Craftsmanship

Mido watches have established their unique identity through timeless designs, unaffected by fleeting trends, much like how historic and iconic architectural structures withstand the test of time. For over a century, Mido has captured the essence of time through exquisite craftsmanship and distinctive designs. Let’s explore more with DWatch Global in the detailed article below!

History of Mido Watches

Mido’s journey began in 1918 when Georges Schaeren founded the brand. Today, Mido is part of the Swatch Group, the world’s leading watch manufacturer. Positioned in the mid-range segment, Mido stands alongside renowned names like Tissot, Certina, and Hamilton. However, what sets Mido apart is its unique personality and meticulous attention to detail, making it a brand worthy of attention and admiration.

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Mido is not just a watch but a symbol of creativity, innovation, and commitment to timeless quality. Each Mido watch offers users not just a timekeeping tool but a piece of art and a reliable companion in life’s journey. Let Mido watches become a symbol of your style and sophistication, conquering time and asserting your status in every moment.

The Birth of Mido Watches

Mido was founded in Switzerland in 1918 by Georges Schaeren, with its headquarters in Le Locle, at the heart of the Jura Mountains. The name “Mido” comes from the Spanish “Yo mido,” meaning “I measure,” reflecting the brand’s mission to measure time and uphold enduring values. Mido’s philosophy is based on three core principles: aesthetics, authenticity, and functionality, along with technical innovations in watchmaking, superior quality mechanical movements, and premium materials.

The slogan “Inspired by Architecture” has become the guiding principle for Mido’s designs. The brand’s watches are not just timekeeping tools but works of art, with timeless designs that are unaffected by passing trends. Like iconic architectural structures, Mido watches draw inspiration from enduring historical and artistic values.

Georges Schaeren, a skilled and experienced Swiss watchmaker, established Mido G. Schaeren & Co. on November 11, 1918. The name Mido reflects a desire for technical innovation and eternal design.

Initially, Mido G. Schaeren & Co. produced fashion watches with colored enamel and rectangular shapes. Recognizing the growth potential of the wristwatch market, Georges Schaeren decided to reduce pocket watch production to focus on wristwatches. By the mid-1920s, Mido had nearly ceased pocket watch production.

Mido Watches A Legacy of Timeless Design and Craftsmanship (4)

With products showcasing advanced technology and engineering, as well as recreations of unique architectural works, Mido watches have captivated enthusiasts worldwide. Mido watches are now sold in over 111 countries with more than 2,000 sales points, affirming the brand’s strong international presence.

Key Milestones in Mido’s History

In 1918, following the end of World War I, Georges G. Schaeren founded Mido G. Schaeren & Co. in Biel, Switzerland. The name “Mido” is derived from the Spanish phrase “Yo Mido,” meaning “I measure,” reflecting Schaeren’s goal to innovate in production technology and create timeless designs. This tradition continues to be upheld by Mido today.

Elegant women’s watches with colored enamel cases and modern straps, as well as appealing men’s watches, quickly established Mido’s reputation. During the booming automotive industry, Mido created radiator grille watches for renowned brands like Buick, Bugatti, Fiat, Ford, Excelsior, and Hispano-Suiza, allowing enthusiasts to express their passion even without their cars. This design, patented and iconic, symbolizes creativity and innovation.

In 1934, Mido launched the Multifort line, the first watch on the market with a robust self-winding movement, shock resistance, anti-magnetic properties, and water resistance, marking a significant technological milestone. In 1945, Mido introduced the first chronograph watch with all hands centrally positioned. In 1954, the company unveiled the world’s most powerful winding mechanism, and in 1967, Mido was recognized as the producer of the world’s smallest ladies’ watch. In 1959, the Commander line was introduced, featuring a monocoque case and excellent water resistance, remaining popular to this day.

Mido Watches A Legacy of Timeless Design and Craftsmanship (4)

In 1972, Mido joined ASUAG, later becoming SMH, and in 1985, it became part of the Swatch Group. Mido’s headquarters moved to Le Locle, sharing space with Tissot, another Swatch Group brand. Before being overshadowed by other brands, Mido introduced two unique technologies in the 1990s, marking continuous innovation.

In 2000, Mido launched the “Timeless Value” automatic watch, emphasizing enduring value. In 2002, the All Dial line, inspired by the Roman Colosseum, was introduced. In 2006, the Baroncelli collection was launched, showcasing timeless elegance. To celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2008, Mido introduced the Belluna line, combining style and quality, inspired by Art Deco architecture.

In 2012, the “Great Wall” collection was launched, inspired by China’s iconic structure. In 2014, Mido partnered with the International Union of Architects (UIA). In 2015, Mido held a watch design competition, resulting in a limited edition inspired by London’s Big Ben. In 2016, to celebrate 40 years of the Baroncelli line, Mido introduced its first chronometer with a silicon balance spring, a groundbreaking innovation.

In 2017, Mido launched the BeInspiredByArchitecture campaign, exploring 12 cities and 60 iconic landmarks for design inspiration. Ultimately, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York was chosen as the inspiration, and the special watch was launched in October 2017.

In 2018, Mido celebrated its 100th anniversary, honoring the core values that have defined the brand: timeless design, high-quality materials, and technical innovation. To commemorate, Mido introduced the Commander Big Date with a large date display at 6 o’clock, developing an exclusive movement based on the Calibre 80.

Since 2019, Mido has been the Official Performance Partner of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, sharing the passion and drive for excellence with the prestigious international cliff diving competition. With the Ocean Star collection, Mido continues to solidify its place in the hearts of watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Mido Watches A Legacy of Timeless Design and Craftsmanship (4)

Mido’s rich history is a testament to the perfect blend of artistry and watchmaking expertise. The brand not only leaves a mark on history but also continues to inspire future generations with its timeless values.

What Makes Mido Watches Unique?

Architecture-Inspired Design

Mido watches stand out with their deep connection to architecture. The brand draws inspiration from iconic architectural landmarks around the world, integrating elements that reflect beauty, harmony, and structural integrity into their designs. The seamless blend of watchmaking art and architecture gives Mido a unique aesthetic appeal that captivates those who appreciate perfection.

Swiss Heritage and Expertise

Mido, a prestigious Swiss watch brand, is renowned for its exceptional quality and precision. Crafted in Switzerland, a country famous for its centuries-old watchmaking tradition, Mido adheres to strict standards, ensuring every watch meets the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, and craftsmanship. Each Mido watch is a testament to the skill and excellence of Swiss watchmaking.

Innovative Technological Advancements

Throughout its history, Mido has been at the forefront of technological innovation. The brand introduced groundbreaking inventions like the world’s first automatic watch movement with an unbreakable mainspring. Mido continues to incorporate advanced technologies into its products, blending traditional watchmaking techniques with modern advancements to enhance performance and functionality, providing users with an exceptional experience.

Environmental Responsibility

Mido is committed not only to product quality but also to environmental protection. The brand employs eco-friendly production methods, uses sustainably sourced materials, and energy-efficient manufacturing processes. By prioritizing environmental responsibility, Mido demonstrates its commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

Mido Watches A Legacy of Timeless Design and Craftsmanship (4)

Precision and Reliability

Each Mido watch utilizes the exclusive ETA movement from the Swatch Group, finished to the stringent Swiss standards. This ensures top-tier quality, providing watches with durability and performance, solidifying Mido’s reputation for excellence in the watchmaking industry.

Mido is more than just a watch; it is a symbol of creativity, innovation, and timeless quality. Through each watch, Mido offers users not just a timekeeping tool but a work of art and a reliable companion in life’s journey.

Pricing of Mido Watches

Despite significant investment in mechanical movements and over 80% of Mido’s collections being crafted from premium materials, the price of Mido watches remains reasonable, ranging from 20 to 30 million VND. At this price point, Mido truly stands out in the $1,000 segment. This perfect blend of top-notch quality and economic value provides users with exquisite, durable products without a hefty investment. Owning a Mido watch means possessing not only an accurate timepiece but also a true work of art, reflecting class and refined taste.

Highlight Collections of Mido Watches

Mido Commander

The Commander collection is a lasting symbol of Mido’s evolution. Inspired by two iconic structures: the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and the Eiffel Tower, Commander combines elegance, luxury, and powerful features. The Arc de Triomphe, a symbol of Napoleon I’s victory, and the Eiffel Tower, an industrial icon by engineer Gustave Eiffel, deeply inspire the design of this line.

Commander watches feature premium materials like stainless steel, 18k gold, diamonds, and sapphire crystal, and house the Caliber 80.621 COSC movement, a Swiss Chronometer certified movement with an 80-hour power reserve, twice the standard of regular mechanical watches. With timeless design and superior features, Mido Commander truly embodies the spirit of the brand.

Mido Baroncelli

Launched in 1976, Mido Baroncelli exudes elegance and sophistication, inspired by classic architectures like the Rennes Opera House in France and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy. Though inspired by two different structures, all Baroncelli models feature intricate, elegant designs with unique motifs. This collection includes advanced features like sports chronographs, GMT, moon phase, and premium materials like diamonds and anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Mido Baroncelli exemplifies the perfect blend of artistry and watchmaking.

Mido All Dial

Mido All Dial watches are crafted based on the design of the Roman Colosseum, one of the world’s most famous architectural structures. This collection brings classic and unique architectural elements, with designs reflecting the Colosseum’s patterns from different angles: front view and top-down. Despite a limited number of products, All Dial meets diverse needs for both men and women with varied designs. The combination of metal, leather, and rubber straps with distinctive details makes each watch uniquely beautiful.

Mido Multifort

Inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Mido Multifort was first launched in 1934, two years after the bridge’s completion. Multifort watches recreate the bridge’s unique arches through vertical guilloche patterns, concentric arches, and aligned motifs. This collection not only carries a classic feel but also showcases Mido’s creativity and sophistication. Currently, Multifort includes 19 versions for men and 2 versions for women, with diverse leather and metal strap options, offering a wide selection for users.

Mido Ocean Star

Launched in 1959, the Ocean Star collection is inspired by the Europa Point Lighthouse in Gibraltar, UK. Ocean Star stands out with water resistance up to 200 Bar, a robust dial design with a large bezel and serrated edges. The hands and markers are coated with thick luminous material for high brightness, ensuring professional diving functionality. Some models feature an orange starfish at 6 o’clock, symbolizing marine safety. Today, Ocean Star remains Mido’s only and most famous diving watch line, reinforcing the brand’s position in the sports watch segment.

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How to Check Genuine Mido Watches

Design and Model Verification

As a prestigious Swiss watch brand, Mido has established its position with exquisite design and superior quality. However, this reputation also makes Mido a target for counterfeit products. Genuine Mido watches are meticulously finished under strict control, with clear, sharp markings and even color tones.

In contrast, fake watches often use cheap materials, have rough designs, and lack attention to detail. Common signs like peeling straps, rough hands, and unclear descriptions are easy identifiers between genuine and fake products.

Warranty Policy

Each genuine Mido watch comes with a warranty card printed with the brand name, ensuring user rights. If the warranty card is missing or counterfeit, the watch is likely fake. Genuine Mido watches have a 2-year international warranty at all official service centers. If a service center refuses to accept it, it is likely not a Mido product.

Accompanying Box

The box of a Mido watch is also an important identifier. The box is made of high-quality matte black paper, with the Mido brand name printed in characteristic gold on the top. The box has two layers, with the first layer containing a protective foam piece, user manual, and warranty card. This sophisticated box design not only protects the product but is also an integral part of the luxurious experience that Mido offers.

Mido Watches A Legacy of Timeless Design and Craftsmanship (4)

With a combination of exquisite design, professional warranty, and luxurious packaging, Mido is not only a symbol of precision and quality but also embodies style and sophistication. When choosing a Mido watch, you are investing in a perfect work of art and a reliable companion in every moment of life.