Comparison between replica handbags and low-quality bags

Aside from genuine luxury handbags, high-quality replica handbags are also favored by many fashion enthusiasts. However, there are various types of bags on the market that are copied from authentic brands with lower quality, such as F1 bags, Super bags, and Super VIP bags. Consumers need to know how to distinguish between replica handbags and these types of bags to choose the best product.

Differentiating between replica handbags and F1, Super, Super VIP bags

Many people are unsure about the quality differences between replica handbags and F1, Super, and Super VIP bags. Below are some prominent features of each type of bag:

F1 handbagsF1 bags are copied from authentic bags but have the lowest quality. They only resemble 30-40% of authentic bags. F1 bags are mainly made from synthetic leather or faux leather. Therefore, when touched, you can feel the stiffness of the bag. Additionally, the inner lining is made from low-quality rough fabric. These bags are difficult to maintain their beautiful shape.

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F1 bags are widely available in markets and small shops. The products only come with a box without a fabric bag and do not have a receipt. With such characteristics, F1 handbags have a very low price, ranging from 500,000 to 1,000,000 VND per bag.

Super bagsCompared to F1 bags, Super bags are of higher quality. Of course, the quality of this type of bag is still much lower than that of super-grade bags.

Super bags are usually made from PU leather or synthetic leather. The inner lining of the bag is made of soft satin fabric. The stitching lines also have a certain degree of sophistication. Super bags also come with all accessories, receipts, and cards. These bags resemble authentic bags by about 70%.

Super VIP bagsSuper VIP bags are of higher quality than Super bags. These bags are made from soft cowhide leather and retain their shape well. The inner lining of the bag is made from velvet or suede. Super VIP bags are crafted using specialized sewing machines. Therefore, the logo and stitching are quite sophisticated and resemble authentic bags from 75-80%. Super VIP bags also come with full accessories, invoices, cards, and fabric bags. The price of these bags ranges from 2-3 million VND.

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Replica handbags

Super-grade bags are also known as like-auth or 1:1 replica bags. Super-grade handbags are crafted in manufacturing workshops in Hong Kong or Guangzhou. Compared to authentic bags, super-grade bags have a very high level of finish, reaching 95-98%. These bags are made from genuine leather, so when touched, they feel very soft. Super-grade bags have a high resistance to dust and scratches.

Especially, the details on fake handbags such as stitching lines, accessories, logos, and zippers are meticulously crafted. The color and shape of the bags are no different from authentic bags. Naturally, these bags come with full receipts, accessories, fabric bags, and cards. The price of super-grade bags is usually about 1/5 of authentic bags.

Reasons why replica bags are popular

As seen from the comparison above, replica handbags have superior qualities compared to other types of bags. Super-grade bags are favored by many people because they are meticulously copied from authentic bags. It can be said that it is very difficult to distinguish this type of bag from authentic luxury bags in terms of design and material.

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Regarding material

Similar to authentic bags, replica bags are also made from high-quality genuine leather. Therefore, when touched, we can feel the smoothness and softness. The leather material is processed with modern technology, ensuring durability over time. This type of leather also has excellent resistance to dust and scratches. The genuine leather material helps the bag look more luxurious and classy. This is one of the reasons why replica handbags are trusted by fashion enthusiasts.

Regarding design

Considering the design, it is even more difficult to recognize the difference between authentic bags and like-auth bags. They are almost 100% identical. The color and logo of the super-grade bag are printed very meticulously and vividly. The logo does not peel off or fade like F1 or Super bags. Additionally, details such as zippers are carefully polished. Each stitching line shows the meticulousness of the craftsmen. The stitching is even without any excess threads. Especially, the shape of the super-grade bag is firm and solid, just like the real bag.

Comparison between replica handbags and low-quality bags (2)


In addition to quality and design, another factor that makes super-grade bags popular is the price. Although they are 99% similar to authentic bags, super-grade bags have a price only about 1/5 of the original price, suitable for the budget of most Vietnamese consumers.

Many people wonder why replica bags have good quality and beautiful design almost equivalent to authentic bags but have a significantly lower price? The reason why the price of authentic bags is extremely high is that the brand sells the value of the brand itself. In terms of investment value in raw materials and production processes, there is no difference. Therefore, the value of using replica bags is not much different from authentic bags. This type of bag is still enough for fashion enthusiasts to show their class and prestige. This is an important factor that creates the attractiveness of like-auth bags.

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With perfect design and reasonable prices, super-grade handbags are very popular among women. However, inexperienced people are very likely to buy F1, Super, or Super VIP bags that are flooding the market. Therefore, to buy standard super-grade bags, you should go to reputable addresses. In Vietnam, Dwatch Global is a very reliable address for you to visit and choose the most suitable like-auth bag.

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With the information shared above, you must have compared the differences between replica bags and other low-quality bags. Hopefully, you will choose a standard replica bag for yourself. The advice for you is to buy like-auth bags at reliable addresses like Dwatch Global to ensure quality and price.