Dwatch Luxury – The Leading Address for Reliable Fake Watch Repair Today

All items, including fake watches, may experience issues such as dried oil or encounter malfunctions after a period of use. Therefore, timely repair is necessary to ensure their stable operation and prevent further serious problems. Dwatch Global stands out as the top address in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, specializing in providing trustworthy and professional fake watch repair services.

Common Problems and Repair Needs for Fake Watches

Both general watches and fake watches, due to their complex structures composed of many intricate details and components, may encounter various issues over time, leading to malfunctions such as:

Time deviation: Watches may run either fast or slow compared to the standard time. The main reasons are typically magnetization or low battery power. For mechanical watches, the common cause is insufficient energy replenishment per day. Stalling: Both Quartz and Automatic watches can experience stalling. The causes may include dried oil in the mechanism or depletion of battery/power reserve. Cracked or shattered watch crystal: Dropping a watch can result in cracks or breakage of the watch crystal. Replacing the crystal is necessary to protect the internal mechanism of the watch. Scratched watch crystal: Poor handling and storage of watches can lead to scratches on the watch crystal due to impacts. Worn-out or broken watch strap: Watches used for an extended period may experience wear or breakage of the strap. Therefore, replacing with a new strap is necessary. Water ingress: Misusing the watch beyond its water resistance capabilities or improper handling of the crown can lead to water ingress, affecting the watch’s operation.

Dwatch Luxury - The Leading Address for Reliable Fake Watches Repair Today (1) Watches need to be repaired when encountering issues to ensure stable operation.

Reasons to Repair Replica Watches at Dwatch Global

In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Dwatch Global is highly praised for its replica watch repair services. The establishment boasts strong human resources and infrastructure, ensuring customers experience the most professional replica watch repair services.

State-of-the-art equipment

As a long-standing provider of fake watch repair services, Dwatch Global is equipped with modern tools to support the repair process. These include IC and battery testing machines, mainspring torque testers, pin removal tools, crystal pressing machines, water pressure testing machines, etc. These tools facilitate quick, precise, and effective repair processes, ensuring service quality.

Dwatch Luxury - The Leading Address for Reliable Replica Watches Repair Today

Technicians with years of experience

The competence and experience of technicians are crucial factors contributing to the brand’s reputation. Dwatch Global has a team of extensively trained technicians with years of experience and a high sense of responsibility and passion for their craft. Technicians always put themselves in the shoes of customers and strive to rectify issues promptly, especially with challenging cases that other establishments may struggle with. Importantly, technicians accurately diagnose issues without fabricating additional problems to inflate costs for customers.

New 100% components

In cases where replacement components are necessary during fake watch repair, Dwatch Global selects suitable components for each specific mechanism. Additionally, the establishment ensures that all replaced components are brand new and come with a long-term warranty. This ensures smooth, precise, and accurate watch operation, providing peace of mind for customers.

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Careful oiling and maintenance of watches

For mechanical watches, prolonged operation can lead to oil drying. This can cause the watch to run inaccurately or even cease functioning. Therefore, regular oiling and maintenance are crucial. Dwatch provides professional oiling services, ensuring smooth and seamless watch operation. Moreover, the establishment guarantees the use of high-quality oils to ensure durability and avoid adverse effects on the mechanism.

In addition to oiling, Dwatch also provides watch maintenance services. Watches are precisely adjusted and internal components are cleaned. Dwatch Global fake watch repair service provides reassurance to customers.

Dwatch Luxury - The Leading Address for Reliable Fake Watch Repair Today (1)

Transparent service pricing

Customers utilizing replica watches repair services at Dwatch Global can rest assured as service prices are transparent, clear, and without price manipulation. Upon receiving a watch, technicians thoroughly inspect and assess various components such as the case, strap, dial, movement, etc. Subsequently, customers are informed of the repair or replacement needs and associated costs. Only after customer approval do technicians commence the repair process. This transparent pricing process contributes to Dwatch Global reputation in the watch repair field.

Range of repair services for replica watch at Dwatch Global

With modern infrastructure, equipment, and a professional team, Dwatch Global offers a variety of fake watch repair services, including:

Adjusting accuracy for watches Replacing Sapphire watch crystals Replacing rubber or metal watch straps Replacing watch batteries Oiling watches Maintenance, refurbishment, and polishing of watches Adjusting watch bracelet lengths In addition to the above services, Dwatch Global also advises customers on how to use and maintain watches to ensure durability.

Dwatch Luxury - The Leading Address for Reliable Replica Watch Repair Today


With a large team of experienced technicians, Dwatch Global promises to deliver the most professional fake watch repair services in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. For minor issues, the establishment strives to complete repairs promptly, ensuring customers receive their watches back on the same day. Furthermore, for those looking to own high-quality replica watches resembling authentic ones, you can visit Dwatch Global store to experience their premium collection.