Tudor Watches: The Journey from Switzerland to the Pinnacle of Glory

Tudor Watches, an esteemed luxury wristwatch brand, is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It was founded in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf, the same visionary behind the renowned Rolex brand. Rolex and Tudor can be considered as sibling brands in the high-end watchmaking industry.

Tudor Watches – A Fusion of German Precision and British Elegance

Although Hans Wilsdorf was born in Germany, his deep admiration for the English language and culture was a significant part of his life. This affection stemmed from his passion for the “Land of the Rising Sun.”

The first Tudor watches crafted by him were immediately favored and embraced by Queen Elizabeth and the British Royal Navy. This led him to name his second watchmaking venture “Tudor,” a name closely associated with the enduring dynasty of England.

Initially, Tudor’s emblem was a rose in its logo, but it was later replaced with a robust shield, symbolizing the brand’s toughness and durability.

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Tudor’s Inception: Quality and Value for All

Hans Wilsdorf once said, “For some years now, I have been considering the idea of making a watch that our agents could sell at a more modest price than our Rolex watches, and yet one that would attain the standards of dependability for which Rolex is famous. I decided to form a separate company, with the object of making and marketing this new watch. It is called the Tudor Watch Company.” With this statement, he not only revealed the name Tudor but also his brand’s business vision.

Since its establishment in 1926, Tudor has continually strived to enhance the functionality and distinctive features of its products. The brand’s logo, the elongated “T” with a horizontal bar, became Tudor’s prominent symbol.

Today, Tudor stands as an independent brand with its own manufacturing facilities, no longer relying on Rolex.

Tudor’s Remarkable Journey

Tudor is known as a symbol of its era, offering unique timepieces with refined features and elegant designs.

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Development from 1932 to 1955

  • 1932: Tudor introduced its products in the Australian market with rectangular-shaped watches, quickly dominating the market and being exclusively distributed by the Willis company.
  • October 15, 1936: Ownership of the Tudor brand transferred to Hans Wilsdorf.
  • 1952: The Tudor Oyster Prince watch was introduced, accompanied by an impressive PR advertising campaign.
  • 1952 was also the year when 26 Tudor Oyster Prince watches were selected for use in the Royal British scientific expedition to Greenland.
  • 1954: The Tudor Submariner model was born, inspired by the Rolex Submariner, ushering in a new era in watchmaking, particularly in dive watches.

Development from 1935 to the Present

  • 1957: Tudor Advisor was introduced, featuring a unique alarm function.
  • From 1969 to 1999: The development period of the Tudor Submariner watch with a perfect dial design.
  • 1976: Tudor introduced the Tudor Chronograph with the moniker “Big Block,” marking a significant change for the brand.
  • 1995: Tudor presented the Tudor Prince Oysterdate Chronograph, specifically designed for pilots, with improvements in case design, crystal, and overall aesthetics.
  • Since 2010: Tudor launched the Tudor Black Bay Heritage product line to rekindle the brand’s historical achievements and draw inspiration from the legendary Submariner.

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Tudor’s Special Collections

Tudor is proud to stand behind an array of exceptional wristwatch collections. Recently, Tudor made headlines by announcing its collaboration with football legend and global fashion icon David Beckham in the “Born to Dare” campaign. The brand consistently delivers valuable products while upholding Rolex’s standards of quality. This article will introduce you to some of Tudor’s noteworthy collections.

Tudor Pelagos Watch: Passion from the Depths of the Sea

Tudor Pelagos is considered the “sibling” of Tudor Submariner Blue “Snowflake” and Tudor Submariner. Watchmakers always focus on creating unique timepieces for professional divers, similar to Omega’s Seamaster collection or Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms.

The Tudor Pelagos watch collection features a 42mm size with a modern and robust design when worn. Made from titanium, an incredibly durable metal, Tudor Pelagos boasts a water resistance of up to 500m. Tudor Pelagos watches not only satisfy professional divers but also captivate those with a keen eye for the aesthetics of contemporary “Dive Watches.” Tudor Pelagos is undoubtedly an ideal companion.

Tudor Black Bay 58: Perfection in Design and Mechanics

Tudor Black Bay 58 is one of Tudor’s high-end collections for male divers. Introduced in 2012, it quickly became a star in the watch market due to its unique qualities. The design of Tudor Black Bay 58 is attractive and robust, catching the eye at first glance. The harmony in every detail and the meticulous selection of materials make Tudor Black Bay 58 a coveted item for gentlemen.

Today, the Tudor Black Bay 58 collection continues to be updated and improved by the Tudor brand, ensuring the satisfaction of enthusiasts in terms of style and quality. Tudor Black Bay 58 Black Dial, inspired by watches from the 1950s, is an excellent choice for those who appreciate classic styles. In addition to its beautiful design, Tudor Black Bay 58’s in-house movement is highly regarded for its accuracy and durability.

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Tudor Grantour Watch: Adventure from the World of Racing

The Tudor Grantour Watch collection draws inspiration from the world of racing, known for its excitement and thrill. This product line includes three variations: Tudor Grantour Date, Tudor Grantour Fly-Back, and Tudor Grantour Three-Register Chronograph. With a variety of options in terms of style, color, and movement mechanism, you can easily find a Tudor watch that suits your personal style.

Tudor Advisor: Unique and Rare

Tudor Advisor stands out as one of Tudor’s unique and rare watch collections. It is the only watch model from the brand with an alarm function. With limited production from 1957 to 1968, Tudor Advisor is the perfect choice for watch enthusiasts who appreciate the rarity of timepieces. The quality and durability of Tudor Advisor models are undeniable, especially with the inclusion of the A.S. 1475 movement and an improved Oyster case for enhanced alarm volume.