Which country is Richard Mille watches from? Is it good? How much?

If you’re interested in luxury watch trends, you definitely can’t overlook Richard Mille watches. So, which country is Richard Mille from? This article from DWatch Global will help answer these questions and introduce you to some beautiful timepieces from this brand. Let’s dive in!

Which country is Richard Mille watches from Is it good How much (3)

1. Where is Richard Mille Watch from?

The History of Richard Mille Watches

The Richard Mille watch brand is one of the famous names in Swiss watchmaking. At the age of 50, Richard Mille decided to create his own brand, where he would produce watches that surpassed anything in existence at the time. In 2001, the first RM 001 watch was introduced, which featured groundbreaking innovations and made a significant impact in the watchmaking industry.

The Evolution of Richard Mille Watches

  • In 2000, the Richard Mille watch brand was founded, debuting with the RM 001 model, a Tourbillon masterpiece.
  • In 2006, Richard Mille collaborated with Perini Navi to create the RM 014 – Perini Navi Cup watch.
  • In 2009, the Richard Mille brand introduced the RM 019, its first watch designed specifically for women.
  • In 2013, the RM 27-01 was unveiled, representing the pinnacle of ultra-lightweight high-end watchmaking.
  • In 2017, Richard Mille introduced the RM 50-03, a technical masterpiece delivering outstanding mechanical performance.
  • In 2019, the RM 57-03 Tourbillon Sapphire Dragon watch was introduced to the Asian market, featuring a design inspired by Eastern aesthetics.

Which country is Richard Mille watches from Is it good How much (3)

2. Why Are Richard Mille Watches Expensive?

Innovative and Striking Design

Richard Mille watch cases are a fusion of architectural art and mechanics. Richard Mille watches are renowned for their Tonneau-shaped cases with a sandwich structure, which is one of the most challenging and costly watchmaking techniques. To create a visual spectacle, artisans “bend” both the front and back of the watch case, impressing onlookers. Moreover, all three parts must be perfectly sealed to within 1/100th of a millimeter to prevent air and dust from entering and potentially damaging the mechanical movement.

Which country is Richard Mille watches from Is it good How much (3)

Ultra-Durable Materials

Richard Mille constantly strives for innovation, particularly in materials used for crafting wristwatches. Here are three materials used by Richard Mille:

  • NTPT Carbon (North Thin Ply Technology): An ultra-lightweight material with exceptional strength.
  • TPT Quartz: Comprising hundreds of layers of stacked quartz fibers, this material offers high durability and excellent heat resistance.
  • NTPT Carbon and TPT Quartz Gold: These materials combine layers of gold TPT Quartz and TPT in perfect harmony, enhancing shock resistance.

Richard Mille Watches Movements

The most exquisite mechanical movements and the most expensive Richard Mille cases are assembled and crafted in Les Breuleux, Switzerland. Richard Mille’s movements use Titanium combined with an exclusive material researched and developed by Richard Mille artisans. The entire manufacturing process is done by hand, following Swiss standards, and is then coated with materials like PVD or Titalyt.

High-Level Artistry in Craftsmanship

To create an exquisite and top-tier Richard Mille timepiece, every crafting step is painstakingly detailed. For the watch case alone, artisans have to go through 200 steps and use 15 different types of screws. This results in watches that are incredibly durable and surprisingly lightweight.

Which country is Richard Mille watches from

Limited Production

According to the founder, the brand produces approximately 4,000 watches each year. While this production volume has seen slight increases over the years, it still cannot meet the demand of buyers. When demand outstrips supply, prices for these watches skyrocket. For instance, if you want to buy an RM 39 Tourbillon watch, you might have to wait seven years to get your hands on one.

Smart Marketing Strategies

Richard Mille’s creations are often referred to as “watches for billionaires.” This extravagant label appeals to those who appreciate luxury and opulence. Furthermore, Richard Mille has gained fame by collaborating with legendary figures in the world of sports, showcasing that Richard Mille watches can withstand the rigors and pressures of various sports without sustaining damage. These partnerships also introduce fresh and innovative ideas to the brand.

3. How Much Does an Authentic Richard Mille Watch Cost?

A gentleman should be prepared to set aside at least 1,900,000,000 VND (approximately $83,000 USD) or more to own a Richard Mille wristwatch. In the market, Richard Mille watches typically have a starting price ranging from around 1.8 billion VND (about $78,000 USD) and can go up to a staggering 25 billion VND (over $1 million USD) for some exceptionally unique and rare designs.

Richard Mille releases at least a few watches valued at 2.3 billion VND (around $100,000 USD) or more each year, and the average price of one of their tourbillon watches can range from approximately 12 billion VND (about $520,000 USD). These are enormous figures even by Swiss luxury watch standards.