Which country produces Hublot watches? Is it good? How much?

Hublot watches hail from the dominant world watchmaking region of Switzerland, making their debut at MDM Geneve’s inaugural project at Baselworld in 1980, the world’s most renowned watch exhibition.

Hublot watches are crafted from precious and rare materials, lending them an aura of luxury. Their unique designs contribute to Hublot’s distinct allure, solidifying their place among the world’s most expensive watch brands.

Which country produces Hublot watches Is it good How much (1)Which country produces Hublot watches? Is it good? How much?

Historical Milestones in the Brand’s Development Hublot Watches

  • 2003: After a golden era, Hublot faced a crisis, and Carlo Crocco sought help from Jean-Claude Biver, the CEO of Omega, to rescue the brand from bankruptcy.
  • 2004: Jean-Claude Biver became the CEO of Hublot, leading the brand back to its former glory, becoming a major player in Swiss watchmaking.
  • 2005: Hublot introduced the Big Bang Chronograph, causing a sensation in the watch market and earning numerous prestigious awards.
  • 2006, 2007: Hublot continued to release new product lines, including the Classic Fusion and the Big Bang Mag Bang made from the exclusive material Hublonium.
  • 2008: Hublot became part of the LVMH Group in a $500 million acquisition.
  • 2011: Hublot unveiled the MP Key of Time collection, featuring a unique function that allows users to control the passage of time.
  • 2012: Hublot collaborated with Arturo Fuente, introducing the Classic Fusion Fuente collection, characterized by exquisite craftsmanship and elegance.
  • 2013: The MP-02 model was launched, often referred to as the “key to the era.”
  • 2018: At BaselWorld 2018, Hublot introduced the new Hublot Big Bang Unico, equipped with the Hub 1280 movement and measuring just 42mm.
  • 2019: Hublot partnered with the renowned Swiss embroiderer Bischoff to release a spring-summer embroidered strap collection, crafted from high-quality and rare fabrics.

Key Figures Behind Hublot’s Success:

Carlo Crocco, coming from a family with a watchmaking tradition, passionately founded Hublot. His early exposure to technical design and watchmaking skills within his family fueled his desire to create a unique, luxurious, and globally renowned watch brand.

Which country produces Hublot watches Is it good How much (1)Which country produces Hublot watches? Is it good? How much?

Special Features of Hublot Watches


Hublot emphasizes designs that optimize adaptability, catering to various situations and environments, whether on land, under the sea, in outdoor sports, or elegant events.

Hublot’s watch designs often revolve around the theme of “Nautical,” with the capability to withstand high water pressure, ranging from 165 feet for standard models to 1000 feet for diving editions.


Hublot watches are synonymous with Swiss quality and Italian-inspired design. They stand out in the world of fashion, appealing to those who seek a distinctive, sporty, and dynamic look.

Hublot incorporates special materials such as precious stones, fine fabrics, and exotic leathers, elevating the luxury and elegance of their watches.

Celebrity Endorsement:

With exceptional value, Hublot has always been sought after by the elite and celebrities. Hublot quickly gained the favor of the upper class and nobility, with King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Prince Albert of Monaco choosing to wear Hublot watches for significant occasions.

Which country produces Hublot watches Is it good How much (1)Which country produces Hublot watches? Is it good? How much?

Are Hublot Watches Worth the Investment?

Quality of Movement:

Hublot products undergo rigorous quality checks and monitoring before leaving the factory, ensuring smooth operation and durability that can last up to 100 years. They are built to withstand strong impacts and offer excellent water resistance.

Materials and Design:

Hublot watches boast unique and distinctive designs, using precious materials like self-blended gold, ceramics, carbon fiber, and sapphire crystals. This enhances their luxurious and sophisticated appeal.

Price of Hublot Watches:

Hublot watches fall into the luxury, high-end segment, which reflects in their pricing. Prices typically range from $7,000 to as high as $6 million, depending on the model and materials used.

Which country produces Hublot watches Is it good How much (1)Which country produces Hublot watches? Is it good? How much?

Famous Hublot Watch Collections

Hublot Novelties Collection: Known for its vibrant colors and unique designs, appealing to individuals with a sporty and dynamic personality.

  • Hublot Big Bang Collection: The flagship collection that brought fame to the brand, including the high-end Bigger Bang Diamond Tourbillon limited edition.
  • Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Collection: Featuring tonneau-shaped cases and materials like titanium, gold, and ceramic.
  • Hublot Classic Fusion Collection: Elegantly designed watches inspired by the brand’s 1980 debut, with traditional cases, screws, and rubber straps. Materials include titanium, gold, stainless steel, and ceramic.
  • Hublot MP Collection: A pride of Hublot, combining exquisite design with top-notch mechanical engineering, exemplified by the MP-05 LaFerrari with a 50-day power reserve.

Notable Hublot Watch Models

  • Hublot UNICO SANG BLEU II KING GOLD BLUE: Features a 45mm King Gold case, sapphire crystal, and a blue-black rubber strap. It offers a 72-hour power reserve and 10 ATM water resistance, with a price of approximately 1.212.300.000 VND.
  • Hublot INTEGRAL TITANIUM PAVÉ: Made with a titanium case, sapphire crystal, and adorned with 120 diamonds on the watch face and 828 on the strap. Priced at around 571.000.000 VND.
  • Hublot UNICO TITANIUM BLUE: Boasts a 45mm titanium case, sapphire crystal, and a blue-black rubber strap. It also offers 10 ATM water resistance and a 72-hour power reserve, with a price of approximately 413.000.000 VND.
  • Hublot RACING GREY TITANIUM: Comes with a rubber and alligator leather strap, a 45mm titanium case, sapphire crystal, 5 ATM water resistance, and a 42-hour power reserve, priced at around 413.000.000 VND.

How to Differentiate Genuine Hublot Watches from Counterfeits

Which country produces Hublot watches Is it good How much (1)Which country produces Hublot watches? Is it good? How much?

Check the Screw on the Watch Face: Genuine Hublot watches often feature a high-quality H-shaped screw on the front. If the watch uses regular screws, it may be a fake.

Compare Prices: Hublot watches have a minimum price range starting at $4,000 (around 90 million VND). Any significantly lower price should raise suspicion.

Inspect for “SWISS MADE”: Genuine Hublot watches will have “SWISS MADE” on the watch face, typically at 6 o’clock. Watches without this label may be fake.

Test the Winding Mechanism: Hublot watches are automatic, so try winding the crown clockwise to see if it’s smooth. If it’s stiff or noisy, it’s likely a fake.

Examine for Spelling Errors or Poor Craftsmanship: Inspect the watch for any signs of poor craftsmanship, such as uneven engraving, blurry fonts, or loose components, as these are indicative of counterfeit Hublot watches.